Saturday, 20 July 2013

Finding something Worth doing

To understand the actions of present you have to look closely at your past.

Early 1990's

I grew up in a amazing atmosphere. Unlike, millions of kids who struggle for shelter everyday, I was previliged to have my own room. Parents allowed us to become who we wanted to do and allowed us to make our own mistakes. Saw many virtues first hand.
Humility, Empathy, Excellence, Honesty, Humane Misgivings, Deceit, Greed, Handsome Arrogance, Hypocrisy, Habit to Question, Story Telling, Perfection, feet on the ground & letting it go when it needs to is something I witnesses everyday.

Early 2000's

Went to Delhi and prepared for entrance, which was a coming of age year for me. Started to understand my liking and also started to understand the views of others.


Passed out from Engg college in Pune. The 4 years brought me closer to my interests, gave me time to experiment  seek true understanding of things happening around me, met amazing individuals and gave me hope to look forward in the form of an excellent job opportunity. I also learned to respect time and build relationships - both to start with I was not very good at. I also discovered my true passions which drove me.


I worked at a great place. At times all I have are mixed feelings about the place. But who doesn't. Best part, I learnt from people and evolved as an individual. If I have to summarize my stay in one line - "it brought closer to what I really wanted to do next......" Well kinda almost...
Mediocrity, Stagnancy, and Complacency either engulfs you and you peacefully succumb OR you rebel out of suffocation and are on your own. I choose the later.
It was time to go out and do some experiments.


I have joined an experiment and like a devout scientist who is deeply immersed in his art. Testing his conjectures everyday, day & night, relentlessly  learning from failures, testing their hypothesis against some brutally honest data realities.
Here I am ....

The experiment : called "StartUp" is what this blog is all about. Its how my individual journey unfolds and how I come closer to my own realities and conduct experiments.

You measure succcess by what you had to give up to reach there - says the Holiness Dalai Lama. I wish that someday I will be able to define my success and look back to connect the dots and smile in peace.

Untill then I think I have found something worth doing !!

Have you ??


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