Thursday, 26 September 2013

Startup Leadership Program | Class 1

On Quora the Founder Anupendra Sharma of The Startup Leadership Program or SLP (as it is popularly called) mentions the experience @ SLP a bit like Hotel can get in any time you want but you never (want to) leave. 

That's the best way to summarize "The Startup Leadership Program"

The Startup Leadership Program is a 6-month, 60-hour program, established with a vision is to build the world's best "e-school + network" on the planet, and bring outstanding startup CEOs and innovators together.

The idea is excellent due to many reasons, but primarliy due to power of "Community" and strength of "Cohorts" who support, empathise, help, learn and improvise with each other.Entrepreneurship is a lonely and kinda 'livin on the edge' journey and you need all the support and guidance you can get. Best to get and share it with people who are taking the same path.

I joined as a fellow at SLP-Pune 2013 chapter & my few observations and insights from the Day 1:


Every individual brings a lot of stories to the table. They bring their insights, mistakes, ideas, passion, perspective & personas which I found really engaging. Why?
Because, the better the diversity your own ideas/hypothesis will be tested broadly. You would understand how different personas react, embrace & critique. You develop new insights, grown patience, shed pre-conceived notions & embrace ideas that you would have not even thought of.


Most of the times, we don't trust. As Peter Thiel says "Today, people do not believe in anything, that's the problem..."
At SLP- Pune, I could see people telling stories which had triumphs, failure, struggles, dreams & glint in the eyes to give their ideas a shape. The will to persevere and win overcomes thousands of loses and failures.
The silent nod of comprehension was for the first time an admiration as if they empathized and connected it with their own stories.


This is something every fellow looks forward. Great leaders, entrepreneurs and visionaries telling their stories and sharing key insights into the world of products & services.
As days progress we interface with more leaders and this is something we all look forward to.


Initially it was a cursory glance. But as I am going through the course in detail, I realize that fellows have taken time and great efforts to cover the entire spectrum of "building a company".
I think its like our very won parallel universe with great templates/patterns which teach us how to build great products and solve interesting problems.
More once we go through each class.


The energy, camaraderie, sense of ownership & accountability you see among the Team is really commendable. The special thing I noticed that they keep on pulling each other's legs, cracking jokes and the synergy between them gives a glimpse of what relationships we can build with our current fellows.


We all know this is everyone look for, but I will just leave this by saying that its not only about leveraging networks / contacts as I used to think in my own selfish ways. But, its more about constructively sharing it back to the community. Something my own CEO told me once.

I think I feel a sense of gratitude & wish that I make the most of this opportunity. At the same time I wish to forge relationships which I will cherish for my life.

Godspeed !!

Share your key insights if you are too an SLP Fellow? Thinking about joining, click here to know more.

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