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Lean Startup simplified: For Learners, Entrepreneurs & Practitioners

Lately lot have been written about LEAN STARTUP and how this movement is changing the way companies, products & services are getting build and re-build.

After my introduction - by reading Eric Ries & Steve Blank and then moving on to Brant Cooper & Ash Maurya, I have documented my own understandings on this phenomenon below in the slidedeck.

In a nutshell what LEAN STARTUP says is:
  • Don't build something no one wants
  • Search for your customer | discover | segment them
  • Talk to the Customers - validate | understand their needs
  • Do experiments and iterate fast
  • The aim is always validated learning from your experiments
  • Measure your progress and pivot or persevere
  • The quicker you do all of the above the more chances for you to FAIL QUICK & SUCCEED EARLY

Hope this slide-deck is useful for the practitioners and entrepreneurs ? Let me know if you found this useful ?


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