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SLP Pune - 2014 | Graduation Day, Gratitude & Bonds for Life

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"A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could." 

As we come to the end of the SLP 2014 Pune journey few things have emerged 

Firstly, we all have changed and so have our own ideas. Our vulnerabilities in our ideas & our own belief were exposed & challenged, we have worked on them, pivoted, we have re-worked on them & today we are "bit better" prepared for our startup journeys.
Some left us for their good reasons & we wish them luck, some had their course corrections choosing alternate paths and many persevered.

Secondly, we have made some great friends for life. Those whom one may pour out the contents of one's heart & mind, chaff and grain together, knowing that gentle hands will take and sift it, keep what is worth keeping, and with a breath of kindness, blow the rest away.

& finally our program leaders (PLs) - who have been a constant source of strength, discipline & inspiration for all of us.

We the batch of SLP 2014 Pune would like to convey what we feel collectively through these few words.

Sushil has been one of the most pragmatic PLs we have seen around. His uncanny ability to listen, absorb, communicate & advise have been invaluable. His vast repertoire of experience with startups has been a great resource that we have leveraged over time. He has been very approachable & always listens to you with a smile on your face which eases you out.
His advice on mobile & platforms is something I personally have sought like many.
We thankyou Sushil for your patience & kindness.We ensure you that we will for sure give you a buzz when we need a helping hand.

The one word that describes this PL is - "Collaborative". His own startup Canvazify epitomizes this. His enthusiasm, energy, presentation skills, sharing & bringing diverse opinions on the table & zeal to help others succeed is infectious.

You need to talk on any aspect that bugs you ?? Abhijit is your man. He will not only make sure he shares his insights but also would route you to points / people who may give you a better answer. This tells us how well read, versed & researched Abhijit is.

We love the way he has evangelized his Canvazify brand during the sessions. A lesson for every entrepreneur for 'eating their own dog food'.
His participation in the class was instrumental in allowing many of us skip past our own apprehensions. We thank Abhijit for all his wonderful insights & I personally can vouch for even the group - he is a friend & mentor for life !!

Venkat is a PL you take with you on the war front. What I mean by this is his clarity, to the point no bullshit, attention to detail, courage to speak what he feels & always lead from the front.

Managing the curriculum is the brick & mortar of SLP sessions. He has been relentlessly working with the Class CEO's to get things in perspective & scheduled. You get to know Venkat whenever you work with him in Class CEO meetings. 
One of the rare qualities he has is a combination of being really assertive yet empathetic to others - which we have found really useful during the class sessions.
His voice resonates with power & detail whenever he has lead or made a point. He has also at numerous times helped us from going tangent and course correcting whenever we have digressed.

We thankyou Venkat for your energy, passion & wisdom.

Sujata Bogawat

Its not just a joke that our dear friend Tushar - at middle of night, out in the wild & completely drunk out was looking for that precious glass of water for the BOSS. That's the respect Sujata commands !!

Jokes Apart.

Hats off to you....You do startups, manage accounts, consultancy, manage SLP, run an IT firm & manage a family with a scientist husband and two kids...

You have been a tour de force.
Assertive, Helpful, Resourceful, Connected, Industrious, Kind, lead by example & fought for us many times. The commitment we see from you tells us that you are a mentor we can trust and rely on when we need them the most.

We won't be able to imagine, few may experience it the next year - the kind of effort & ground work you have personally put in to get things off the ground. We are really grateful.

The way you have led us in this wonderful 6 month journey is exemplary and we all fellows thank you from bottom of our hearts.

Finally PLs,

There's an old saying, if you want to know about a man - see how he behaves and acts when is around with his friends & colleagues.
They camaraderie & bonding we see among you inspires this batch to strive for the same and forge bonds for life. It will be a pity if we let this opportunity to leverage each other’s strength go astray.

You all inspire us and we promise you that we will make sure we carry this legacy forward & most importantly

Be mentors to each others for life.

Thank You !!
Abhishek Ballabh - for the SLP - Pune | Batch of 2014

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